2009-07-30 PKUSSer Open Party @ St.Andrew, Sun Inc.

Than­ks to Jerry’s hard wor­king and mee­ting room provi­ding, We PKU­SSer succe­ssfu­lly held an open par­ty at St.Andrew, Sun’s offi­ce yester­day. During the session, we made a tiny game to know each other much not only for our name but also for other per­so­nal detai­ls. After that, Nihai­yu and Feng Cheng also gave us two won­der­ful and memo­ra­ble pre­sen­ta­tions on their own IT busi­ne­ss pro­je­cts. Gao Ze Feng and Laye Wong made oral talks after the young ent­re­p­re­neu­rs to sha­re their inter­n­ship expe­rien­ce on both tech­ni­que and interview. What a pon­gal day yester­day!

IMG_1201 IMG_1208

IMG_1215 IMG_1253

And, it is so compli­ca­ted for me to reen­ter Sun’s offi­ce and tou­ch the envi­ron­ment. I’ve taken my inter­n­ship for almo­st one year at Sun and lived, stu­died with Sun AGC team members. It was rea­lly let me reme­mber the time befo­re.

I love Sun, even Sun will leave us soon. Take care all the SUNer, good luck to their futu­re!

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