Sun is to the end of life

As Euro Commi­ssion clea­rs Oracle’s pro­po­sed acqui­si­tion of Sun Mic­ro­syste­ms, this acqui­si­tion is much clo­ser to the end. And I don’t think Russia and Chi­na will pla­ce obsta­cles for this deal, and it will fini­sh in seve­ral days.

It is so pity and sad to hear that bad news. As a stu­dent, I took the most memo­ra­ble inter­n­ship at Sun and dee­ply fell into love with Sun’s uni­que cur­tu­re. Without an open envio­r­n­ment and a tech­no­lo­gy-fir­st ideo­lo­gy, every engi­neer can obtain an immea­su­ra­ble free­dom around tech­no­lo­gy, so Sun crea­ted a lot of new tech­ni­que. Java, Sola­ris, ZFS, DTra­ce, netBeans, Java­FX, Lestu­re, Sto­ra­ge­Tek, Clu­ster, Vir­tua­lBox, MySQL, Ult­ra­SPA­RC, xVM….. All of them is so great that can chan­ge our wor­ld. I wor­ked for Sun for 8 mon­ths, but I can­not reme­mber all of Sun’s matu­re pro­du­ct, becau­se Sun owns such a lot of good pro­je­cts or pro­du­cts.

In my fami­ly, I deplo­yed a NAS (Netwo­rk Atta­ched Sto­ra­ge) Server under Open­So­la­ris. with ZFS suppo­r­ted, I can easi­ly posse­ss a good netwo­rk server to sto­re my per­so­nal and fami­ly data with a high relia­bi­li­ty and a good per­fo­r­man­ce. And I also deplo­yed subver­sion, SAMP (Solaris+Apache+MySQL+PHP), Dyna­mic domain bin­ding, remo­ting desktop and so on into my box, and I got a won­der­ful fami­ly system cen­ter with Sun’s pro­du­ct. I love it!

I will never for­get that time wor­king for Sun in my life. I love Sun forever.

Good luck to all the Sun­ners.




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