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Due to tou­gh Chi­ne­se main­land poli­cy on inter­net domain filing, I will give up my domain and maybe reque­st a new one in .com or in other form. Actua­lly, I love this domain, and I deplo­yed a lot of inte­re­sting servi­ces on it. But run­ning busi­ne­ss here is so diffi­cu­lt and pain­ful, so I deci­ded to go abroad for a per­so­nal domain for free­dom.

I sti­ll link and to my blog, and the­se two add­re­ss will be ina­ctive after this blog. If you are sti­ll subsc­ri­bing my old blog add­re­ss, plea­se renew to this one:

Thank you for your visi­ting and your commen­ts!

– Paul

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