The­se two days I atten­ded NEO Trai­ning, whi­ch means New Emplo­yee Orien­ted Trai­ning. I’ve lea­r­nt a lot around all things that I shou­ld know for my work, inclu­ding company histo­ry, busi­ne­ss stra­te­gy, BU int­ro­du­ction, softwa­re brand int­ro­du­ction and so on. It is very wor­thy for our new comers, and I am very happy to get an oppo­r­tu­ni­ty to make a high vision to see and under­stand my company.

Per­so­na­lly, the grea­te­st fee­ling I took from this two-day-trai­ning is to *THINK BIG*. IBM, one of the big­ge­st company in the wor­ld, is alwa­ys think big for a high level solu­tion or servi­ce to bene­fit not only for the company itse­lf, but also for all the peo­ple around the wor­ld. I am sure you have seen a lot of adver­ti­se­men­ts that tell you IBM’s con­ce­pt — to bui­ld a sma­r­ter pla­net, a sma­r­ter ear­th. Yes, this is rea­lly an ama­zing idea in busi­ne­ss ter­ri­to­ry. When most of sma­ll sca­le compa­nies or eco­no­mic enti­ties think about how to make busi­ne­ss run well for an activi­ty, a solu­tion, a pro­ce­ss, even for an indu­stry, and earn money back from that even­ts, IBM has alrea­dy thou­g­ht about how to make a city, a coun­try, and our wor­ld beco­me better and better. It is easy to say a slo­gan for sma­r­ter pla­net, but actua­lly it is rea­lly rea­lly hard to put them into action. Ele­ct­ric indu­stry, city tra­ffic, hea­lthca­re… all of them need to make plen­ty of compli­ca­ted solu­tion with rapid and gigan­tean compu­ting, safe and cre­di­ble sto­ra­ge. It is rea­lly tou­gh on how to use all kin­ds of tech­no­lo­gies to deliver a rea­so­na­ble and avai­la­ble solu­tion for sma­r­ter pla­net. This is rea­lly a big cha­llen­ge not only for IBMers but also for all the peo­ple for our futu­re. Addi­tio­na­lly, the pla­ce whe­re we can use our mind to succe­ssfu­lly do some­thing big and better, is also the pla­ce whe­re we can earn more not only cash but also respe­ct and admi­re.

Of cou­r­se I lea­r­nt a lot of DOs and DON­Ts as a regu­lar, but I think I got more from that. Stand hig­her, think big­ger, then we can see fur­ther, we can beco­me richer, both men­ta­lly and mate­ria­lly.

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