A big long day for Sun ERI’s Employees

Sun Mic­ro­syste­ms ERI, whe­re I took the most memo­ra­ble inter­n­ship expe­rien­ce, did a tiny sca­le layo­ff today. Unfo­r­tu­na­te­ly, my for­mer mana­ger, Jack Kang, is unlu­cky to be cut down.

It is rea­lly a bad news not only for Jack and all of his team members, but also for me. Jack is rea­lly the best mana­ger I’ve ever seen and hea­rd. He is very nice and kind, and also a compe­tent mana­ger. I don’t think it is good choi­ce for Sun to let him leave his posi­tion. He is big trea­su­re for Sun!

I sta­yed at AGC Pla­tfo­rm of Sun ERI for almo­st eig­ht mon­ths. All the guys, inclu­ding mana­ger, emplo­yees, ven­do­rs and inter­ns, are just like a fami­ly. We work toge­ther, lea­rn toge­ther and par­ti­ci­pa­te activi­ties toge­ther. I love this cultu­re. And Without Jack, tota­lly I cou­ld not sta­rt my inter­n­ship at Sun, lea­r­ning so much around best engi­neers, fee­ling that cultu­re. It is rea­lly a pity for hea­ring that news…

But it is true that the har­sh rea­li­ty is tou­gh for ever­yo­ne. And Sun is going down so far, it maybe a good chan­ce for him to resta­rt his life for ano­ther peak. As Sun is a good company, many compa­nies is loo­king for­wa­rd to rec­rui­ting eli­ti­st just like Jack. And maybe he will run a priva­te company, wha­tever. What I can do for him just give him some warm wor­ds and ble­ss him. Good luck Jack!

By the time, I also wor­ry about others in my team. It is said that Sun ERI Bei­jing will let more than 60 peo­ple layo­ff their posi­tion. Today is just a sta­rt. I just hope others cou­ld get off the hook this time, good luck to our team!


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2 Responses

  1. yydzero says:

    Jack is rea­lly a good mana­ger, and I am sho­cked when I hea­rd this news yesto­day. good luck to him and all my other frien­ds in AGC.

  2. paul says:

    Hi Yan­dong, welco­me to my blog 🙂
    Yep, good luck to Jack and wish him have a better futu­re. Ble­ss him!

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