How to use directly Reply-To in Outlook 2007

This fun­ction is nece­ssa­ry when you want to use one mai­lbox sen­ding mai­ls to some guys, whi­le receiving their replys by ano­ther mai­lbox.

Common­ly, the­re is an option to sele­ct Reply-To mai­lbox in the top of compo­sing mail. But how cou­ld we do as the same thing in Outlook? Is it able to do this work?

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Of cou­r­se the answer is true. The­re is a button named “Dire­ct Replies To” in Options Tab. You may cli­ck that button to enter into “Messa­ge Options” and modi­fy the fie­ld you need.


In addtion, if you want to per­ma­nen­tly chan­ge the Reply-To add­re­ss, you may go into Too­ls –> Account Settings, and dou­ble cli­ck one of your mai­lbox setting. Then cli­ck “More Settings”, and you will see Reply Email text-box.


Enjoy your mai­ling!

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